Russia Caught Plotting Zelenskyy Assassination

( – Volodymyr Zelenskyy was an actor and comedian who became the president of Ukraine in 2019. While he didn’t bring any political experience to the position, President Zelenskyy has successfully led his troops in defending Ukraine against Russian invaders, who aimed to take over his country. Recently, Ukrainian counterintelligence investigators uncovered a plot to assassinate him—and it wasn’t the first of its kind.

On May 7, Ukraine’s state security service confirmed that Ukrainian authorities thwarted a Russian plan to murder Zelenskyy. They detained two high-ranking officers in the State Guard of Ukraine for allegedly working to carry out an assassination plan conceived by Russia’s Federal Security Service.

The colonels were reportedly arrested under suspicion of treason, which carries a life sentence. The plot was uncovered shortly before Russian President Vladimir Putin was sworn in as president for a fifth term.

Ukrainian State Security Service head Vasyl Maliuk said he personally directed the operation to follow the plot and stop it. He said, “Only a limited number of people knew about [the] special operation.” Maliuk called the plot a “terrorist attack” meant to be an inauguration present for Putin. He warned that the Russians should not be “underestimated.”

A statement from Ukrainian officials said Russian agents targeted members of the Ukrainian military who were particularly close to Zelenskyy — namely his security detail — to pull off the assassination by first taking him hostage and then killing him.

The operation reportedly stemmed straight from Russia and involved three spies. The assassination was part of a larger plan to locate top Ukrainian officials and attack them with rockets, drones, and missiles. Maliuk was also targeted in the plot, and the Ukrainian Main Intelligence Director, Kyrylo Budanov, was to be killed before Easter.

Zelenskyy previously revealed that there have been as many as 10 attempts on his life since the Russian invasion, not including this one.

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