Rubio: Biden Trying To Appease ‘Pro-Hamas’ Democrats, Worried About Losing 2 States

( – In October 2023, the Hamas terrorist group attacked Israel in a coordinated attack that led to an ongoing war. So far, more than 1,100 people have been killed in Israel, at least 450 people in the West Bank, and over 32,000 people in the Gaza Strip. While President Joe Biden has been vocal about his support for Israel, he has also been actively working to supply humanitarian aid to the Palestinians caught in the crossfire of the war. He recently received criticism for his seemingly changing stance on Israel.

On March 24, Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) sat for an interview on ABC News’ “This Week” with Jonathan Karl. During the discussion, he accused Biden of changing his position on Israel’s response out of fear he would lose votes in November. The Florida lawmaker said he thinks the US leader is concerned about “losing Minnesota and Michigan” — two battleground states. Rubio said Biden is under a great deal of “pressure from the pro-Hamas wing of the Democratic Party.” Presumably, the legislator was referring to pro-Palestinian activists and protesters.

The Florida politician noted that the president has been getting “heckled at speeches” about his response to the Israel-Hamas war. In response, Rubio believes Biden is trying to please everyone — to his detriment. The lawmaker said it was very important that Israel wins the war so they don’t live under constant threat of another terrorist attack. Rubio doesn’t think there should be a ceasefire unless it involves Hamas surrendering. Otherwise, he said Israel needs to “finish [the] job.”

However, Biden has been pushing for a ceasefire that includes prisoner exchanges. He recently said in an interview that he understands why “uncommitted” voters are upset about Gaza, stating he’s trying to do what he can to “stop it.” Days afterward, the US and other countries dropped aid in Gaza to help the Palestinians who live there.

Do you think Rubio is right about Biden?

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