Ronna McDaniel Announces Resignation as RNC Chair

( – In December 2016, Donald Trump (R) chose Ronna McDaniel to head up the Republican National Committee (RNC) beginning in 2017. She accepted the position, the party voted her in, and she’s held the role ever since — until now.

On February 26, The New York Times reported that McDaniel announced she was stepping down from RNC leadership right after Super Tuesday. Her decision came just weeks after Trump alluded to a shift in Republican leadership. He even talked about who he would like to take her place — North Carolina Republican Party Chairman Michael Whatley. According to the NYT, Trump now wants his daughter-in-law, Lara Trump, to co-chair.

In a statement to the New York Times, McDaniel said she would leave her post on March 8 so that the GOP nominee — presumably Trump — could “select a chair.” The RNC head said it was her decision to “step aside.” In fact, McDaniel said the RNC typically goes through changes when there is a nominee, and she always intended to “honor that tradition.” However, it’s reportedly unusual for the RNC to go through a change in the middle of an election year.

Although Trump may recommend new leadership for the RNC, the party members must approve of the picks. According to POLITICO, the former president also chose someone to step in as chief operating officer of the RNC — political strategist and Trump’s former campaign advisor Chris LaCivita.

Soon after McDaniel announced her decision, Whatley announced his candidacy for her spot. In a letter to RNC members, he reportedly highlighted Trump’s endorsement and said he hoped to “earn” everyone’s vote. The election for the new RNC chair will take place on March 8 — the day McDaniel officially steps aside — in Houston. He needs a majority to win the position. Whatley said his first point of order, should he become chair, will be “registering new voters” and encouraging people to cast their ballots.

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