Rogan: Biden Will Get Pulled by Dems in May

( – Conservative podcaster Joe Rogan doesn’t buy that the Left is set on nominating President Joe Biden for another term. He’s among the growing number of American voters who suspect Dems will pull Biden at the last minute and replace him with California Gov. Gavin Newsom.

The podcaster discussed the possibility of a switch on the April 6 episode of his show, “Joe Rogan Experience,” along with his guest, comedian Andrew Schulz. The two slammed the current administration for catering to the trans community on Easter Sunday, although both agreed that Biden probably had little to do with it.

They expressed doubts that the commander-in-chief actually makes any of the decisions at the White House, insisting that the US leader is merely “a puppet.”

Rogan called the prospect of running Biden again “bananas,” but the podcaster noted that he’s also beginning to question whether Dems will actually make a move. Schulz claimed the Left wasn’t in any position to switch out their current candidate for anyone else, citing Vice President Harris as an additional issue. Rogan agreed that there were roadblocks but added that Biden might “kick the bucket” and create a vacancy.

According to Rogan, Newsom would be the most likely replacement at that point, although the Democrats might pull Biden at the last minute in May, citing alleged “health problems.” Rogan thinks the move would allow them to slide Newsom into place without any issues.

Rogan also says he believes Harris will opt to remain vice president instead of using the opportunity to run for the Oval Office herself. Newsom has repeatedly insisted that he’s not interested in taking Biden’s place.

Regardless of who ends up the official Democratic primary pick in May, Rogan believes they will just be the “spokesperson for the machine.” He claims that media manipulation and other forms of propaganda will ultimately decide the winner—if progressives don’t outright rig the outcome.

The conservative podcaster adds that the spin media reps have been circulating to influence voters is also a form of election interference.

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