RFK Jr.: Trump Associates ‘Asked Me to Be His VP’

(RepublicanReport.org) – Robert F. Kennedy (RFK) Jr. recently stirred the pot with claims that former President Donald Trump’s associates asked him to be the MAGA leader’s vice-presidential running mate. The third-party candidate, who is rallying against both of the major parties’ front-runners in the 2024 US general election, alleges he rejected the invitation.

A Trump aide, Chris LaCivita, responded to RFK Jr.’s claims by calling the independent a “leftie loonie.” He reposted a message from late January on X, the social media platform formerly known as Twitter, in which he called the third-party candidate’s claim “fake news.” LaCivita labeled RFK Jr. as among “the MOST liberal and radical environmentalists” in the US. He added that Trump’s campaign never has and never would approach the third-party candidate with such an offer.

MAGAPAC also doubled down by launching a website lambasting RFK Jr. The page begins with a play on the rival’s middle name, calling him “Robert F***ing Kennedy.” It states that the independent candidate is a “radical liberal” who wants to raise income taxes to 70%, ban assault weapons and fracking, and revisit reparations for descendants of Jim Crow-era victims.

The page adds that many of RFK Jr.’s allies are far-left extremists, alleging that he praised Louis Farrakhan, a far-left extremist who heads the Nation of Islam and is a good friend of Democratic socialist Bernie Sanders.

RFK Jr. pointed to the attack as a sign that he’s a real threat to Trump. He shared about the offending website on X, wearing it as an apparent badge of honor. The third-party candidate seemed to miss the fact that he currently only has about 7.7% of the country’s projected vote.

Even more, RFK Jr.’s presence on state ballots could very well tip the scales in the former president’s favor, much like Green Party candidate Jill Stein did when she ran as a third-party candidate against Democrat Hillary Clinton in 2016, all but ensuring a victory for Trump.

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