RFK Jr. Sues Nevada Secretary of State Over Ballot Requirements

(RepublicanReport.org) – Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is running for president in November as an Independent. As such, he won’t necessarily make it onto every state’s ballot, although that is the campaign’s goal. Recently, he tried to get on the ballot in November, but the request was denied. So, RFK Jr. filed suit, calling foul.

On May 31, the Kennedy team sued Nevada Secretary of State Francisco V. Aguilar in federal court. The candidate claimed the state’s ballot access laws for third-party candidates were “ambiguous,” “conflicting,” and unconstitutional. The suit alleges that the state places stricter requirements on candidates running outside the two major parties. JFK Jr.’s team also claimed that a state election worker previously approved the campaign’s petition to appear on the ballot but later rescinded the decision.

The law in Nevada requires third-party candidates to list their VP pick before heading out to collect signatures from constituents to appear on the presidential ballot. However, it doesn’t appear that Kennedy followed that step.

The candidate reportedly received notice of the requirement sufficiently ahead of the signature submission deadline. Still, JFK Jr.’s team listed several arguments as to why the court should rule in their favor and include him on the state’s ballot, including the interpretation of Nevada law.

Aguilar responded to the legal move. He said his state has a “rich history of independent and third-party candidates for office,” adding that those candidates had no problem complying with the law. The secretary of state said he “look[s] forward to seeing Mr. Kennedy’s team in court.”

Kennedy is reportedly listed on the ballots in eight states so far and his team stated the candidate had collected enough signatures to appear on nine more state ballots. Average polling reported by The Hill on June 4 shows Kennedy pulling 7.8% of the vote. Former President George Washington was the only third-party candidate ever to win the US presidency.

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