RFK Jr. Campaign Staffer: Getting Rid Of Biden Is Top Priority

(RepublicanReport.org) – Robert F. Kennedy (RFK) Jr. could play a huge role in Donald Trump’s effort to defeat President Joe Biden in November. Trump strategist Roger Stone recently told The New York Times that “independent or minority party candidates” could have a “disproportionately large impact” on the presidential election’s outcome. One of RFK’s campaign staffers recently admitted that getting rid of Biden was her top priority.

The internet recently exploded after a video of New York RFK Jr. campaign staff member Rita Palma speaking to a Republican audience started circulating on social media outlets. She told the eager audience her number-one priority was getting rid of President Biden.

Palma told the crowd that Biden was the “mutual enemy” of Kennedy and Trump voters. However, she warned that the only way Trump had a “remote possibility of taking New York” was by ensuring that RFK appeared on the ballot. She said, “Biden wins six days, seven days a week” if the presidential race becomes a binary choice. But, she noted that “with Bobby in the mix, anything can happen.”

Continuing, Palma explained that it’s a given that most of the Northwest would go blue during the November election. But if Kennedy can get on enough swing state ballots, he could take enough votes from Biden to secure a victory.

Palma also urged attendees to help get enough signatures to get RFK Jr. on New York’s ballot. She said giving him the state’s 28 electoral votes could be enough to deny either candidate the required 270 for a victory.

“And we all know how that works, right?” Palma asked. Then, the House gets to choose the next president. “So, who are they going to pick?” she mused, adding the obvious. Since it’s currently a Republican Congress, “they pick Trump.”

“Either way … we’re rid of Biden,” she concluded.

RFK Jr.’s campaign quickly distanced itself from Palma and her remarks. Spokesperson Stefanie Spear circulated a statement to news outlets claiming that Palma was “a ballot access consultant … not involved in electoral strategy, nationally or in New York.” Spear also noted that Palma was speaking “as a private citizen” at an event that wasn’t associated with the candidate and didn’t reflect the Kennedy campaign’s strategy.

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