RFK Jr.: Biden Is More of a Threat to Democracy Than Trump

(RepublicanReport.org) – Robert F. Kennedy Jr., son of the famous politician and lawyer with the same name, is currently running for US president as a third-party candidate. He stated during a recent interview that if he had to pick a greater threat to democracy between his two rivals, he would argue that it would be President Joe Biden.

Kennedy made the statement during an appearance on CNN’s “Erin Burnett OutFront.” He noted his own removal from social media platforms in 2021, after he became vocal about several issues surrounding the pandemic. Meta reinstated Kennedy’s account in response to his candidacy, but he has continued to cry foul. He is currently pursuing legal action against the Biden Administration for allegedly pushing social media companies to censor users who post about issues that go against their approved narratives.

Republican front-runner Donald Trump was a “clear threat to democracy” when he refused to accept the 2020 election results, according to Kennedy. But, he could argue that Biden posed an even greater threat by censoring social media accounts. Kennedy reasons that the Democrat was limiting some citizens’ First Amendment rights, which he described as “most important.” He said he doesn’t believe the rhetoric that either Trump or Biden would be the literal end of democracy for the country, but he also doesn’t think either is suited to be the US’ next president.

Kennedy initially ran against Biden in the Democratic primaries, but then he shifted gears in October, opting to continue as an independent candidate. He has been running on a platform of “restor[ing] the American middle class” and improving citizens’ quality of life.

Polls from The Hill show Kennedy has been struggling to gain traction, taking only about 9.6% of the estimated vote as of April 1. Trump and Biden remain nearly neck-and-neck with the MAGA leader leading with about 41.8% and the current president trailing close behind at 39.5%.

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