Republicans Expected To Take Senate Back In November

( – The political makeup of the Senate in the 118th Congress is 49 Republicans, 48 Democrats, and 3 Independents (who caucus with the Democrats). That slight advantage gives the Left the majority in the Upper Chamber, but that could change in 2025, as 34 seats are up for grabs in November — 20 for the Democrats, 3 Independents, and 11 GOP seats.

On May 2, a bookie in the UK, Betfair, is giving two to five odds that the GOP will seize control of the Senate against two to one odds that Democrats will keep control. In other words, the entity believes that Republicans have a 71.4% better chance of controlling the Upper Chamber in 2025 than Democrats, who have a 33.3% chance. The spokesperson from Betfair didn’t specify the particulars about how the organization determined those odds but said the next president “will need support in the Senate.”

Some current polling seems to show Democrats pulling ahead in Senate races in key states like Wisconsin, Ohio, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Arizona. Even Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz (R) seems to be in danger of losing his seat to Democrat Colin Allred. However, Newsweek pointed to other polls that show Republicans having more success in November. As politicians learned in the fall of 2022, though, polling can be highly unreliable in predicting the outcome of elections. In fact, it all comes down to who shows up at the polls.

An interactive map from 270towin shows each state and its leanings toward each political party. It predicts that Republicans will win 50 seats in November, while Democrats will secure 47 — including two Independents.

According to the map, there are just a few seats that are not solid red or blue that could be in play either way, showing where each party might want to concentrate their efforts. Those include Nevada, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania — which lean Democrat — and Texas and Florida, which lean Republican. Arizona, Montana, and Ohio are all listed as a toss-up.

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