Republican Governors Back Texas at Border

( – The battle between states’ rights and the federal government’s exercise of its duties as mandated by the US Constitution’s Supremacy Clause (Article VI, Paragraph 2) isn’t anything new. In the past, it’s led to the nation’s only civil war and several civil rights era clashes between federal troops and state-led militias. Most recently, a group of Republican governors is backing Texas officials’ efforts to protect the state’s border from hoards of illegal migrants and the deadly stream of fentanyl flooding into the country.

Conservative news outlet The Daily Wire recently reported that a group of 13 Republican governors joined Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R) on Sunday to express their support for his ongoing battle with Biden administration officials regarding the mounting border crisis.

The 14 GOP governors met at a section of the border in Eagle Pass, ground zero in the clash between the White House and Texas officials. The Supreme Court recently issued an unsigned order reversing a lower court ruling enjoining federal Border Patrol agents from cutting, removing, or moving razor wire installed along the border there by members of the Texas National Guard at Abbott’s direction.

The Republican state leaders wanted to visit the border to see for themselves Abbott’s efforts to secure the border and enforce federal and state immigration laws in the face of the Biden administration’s failure to do so.

Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders (R-AR) praised Abbott’s efforts to step up and provide border security “where the federal government is dropping their duty.” She explained that due to President Joe Biden’s failure, several states were “coming together” and working as a team to take up the slack and protect Texans and fellow Americans.

Democratic lawmakers have been doing their best to create a faux campaign issue from Abbott’s continued efforts to secure the border. They’ve gone as far as accusing him of defying the Supreme Court’s recent ruling by continuing to string razor wire at critical points of entry into the country by illegals.

However, the Supreme Court’s order didn’t bar Texas officials from taking action at the border. Instead, it only allowed the feds to remove razor wire, impeding their ability to perform their duties.

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