Rep. Mills Draws Up Impeachment Articles Over Biden’s Aid Threat

( – President Joe Biden recently halted an arms shipment to Israel that contained large bombs. He was concerned about the possibility that the country would drop them in southern Gaza, specifically Rafah, where over a million civilian Palestinians are taking refuge. The Biden administration insisted that Israel stay out of Rafah without a plan to minimize civilian casualties. Now, it seems the White House doesn’t think such a plan is possible.

On May 9, Representative Cory Mills (R-FL) submitted articles of impeachment against Biden to the House counsel. The lawmaker claimed that President Biden was compromising national security by withholding a weapons shipment from Israel.

Mills said the language he used in the articles matches words used by Democrats to impeach former President Donald Trump for abusing his power in 2019 by withholding aid from Ukraine. He claimed that Biden’s actions were an “actual abuse of power,” indicating he did not think Trump’s previous actions were an abuse.

Mills’ action followed a social media post from hours before by Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR), which stated the House of Representatives had “no choice but to impeach Biden” using the “Trump-Ukraine precedent.” In his articles, Mills said Biden was using his power over the Israeli government by pausing a shipment to try and persuade it to “extract military policy changes.”

Recently, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin confirmed the action to the Senate, stating the administration had not determined “how to proceed with that shipment.” He said the pause was one shipment of “high payload munitions.”

The Biden administration recently stated its commitment to Israel but highlighted safeguards put in place regarding the transfer of weapons. A While House memorandum from February stated the safeguards were in place, partially, to “present arms transfers that risk facilitating or otherwise contributing to violations of human rights or international humanitarian law.”

Still, the administration has not halted all weapons transfers to Israel, said it intends to send “every dollar” appropriated by Congress, and has not yet determined the fate of the one munitions payload.

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