Radio Host Wishes Biden Would Step Aside

( – Radio and TV show host Charlamagne tha God recently shared what he believed would be “the ultimate Christmas gift.” The popular MTV2 personality was filling in for a Comedy Central show when he asked President Joe Biden to “step aside” and shared his disapproval of the US leader’s insistence to remain in the race despite other possible Democratic contenders.

Newsmax reports that Charlamagne tha God, known offstage as Lenard McKelvey, made the bold statement while he filled in for the December 6 airing of “The Daily Show.” The host sat in awe over Biden’s recent statement that he wouldn’t currently be running if former President Donald Trump weren’t also planning to be on the Republican ticket. The current leader reportedly acknowledged that other Democrats could also possibly win against the MAGA leader, but Biden feels confident he can come out on top. McKelvey said the decision was based solely on “Biden’s ego.”

FiveThirtyEight has been tracking Biden’s tanking approval ratings, which have been in the red since September 2, 2021. He currently only has the estimated approval of 38.2% of the US population, with roughly 55.7% unhappy with his performance to date. Trump’s approval rating when he left office was only 38%, but his reputation has recovered over the past couple of years. Roughly 42% of US voters currently feel favorably about the 45th president.

Concerns have been mounting over Biden’s performance since he took office, and they’ve only grown as the president’s advancing age has even many Democrats questioning his mental competence. The New Yorker writes that the border crisis, lack of affordable housing and other economic issues, surging crime, and increased death rates due to fentanyl are among the many reasons Americans have lost faith in Biden’s ability to lead the country. The House Oversight Committee’s investigation into the Biden family business dealings has also raised questions about the president’s personal and professional ethics.

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