Poll: Biden Fails to Sway Black Voters

(RepublicanReport.org) – With President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump the presumptive nominees for the November general election, many are wondering how voters are viewing the rematch. As it turns out, several polls showed that America isn’t too excited about another head-to-head between the two. Still, it all comes down to who shows up at the ballot box to cast their vote.

In early March, Ipsos conducted an online national poll to gather just over 4,000 Americans’ points of view about the election in November. The numbers showed that each candidate had relatively the same support he did during the 2020 election. However, 35% of the black respondents who said they supported President Biden also said they were less likely to vote. That’s a large voting block of his support and could be detrimental come November if they decide to stay home. The survey showed that black voters and those with a higher education make up over 50% of Biden’s voting base.

Similarly, 23% of lower-educated Americans and those with lower incomes who said they favored Trump for the general election also said they were less likely to vote. The Ipsos poll showed those two demographics make up nearly a quarter of his voting base.

The survey also showed the upcoming election is likely to be a close race, with 39% of registered voters saying they would vote for Biden if the choice was today. In contrast, 38% would choose Trump, 11% would vote for someone else, 7% were unsure, and 5% said they wouldn’t vote at all. Interestingly, 57% of the voters choosing President Biden said they were doing so because they were against former President Trump. Only 30% said their vote was to purely support Biden and his policies. On the other hand, 47% of those who said they would vote for Trump in the general election said it was to support him and his policies, while 40% said their vote was against Biden — not for Trump.

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