Planned Parenthood To Spend $10 Million Against Pro-Life Candidates

( – In 2022, the overturning of Roe v. Wade was at the top of minds during the mid-term elections. Two years later, abortion is still a major issue as states battle over a woman’s right to choose what happens to her body. To ensure pro-choice politicians stay in or gain power, several organizations are putting big money behind sympathetic candidates, starting in North Carolina.

On April 25, representatives from the Planned Parenthood Action PAC North Carolina and Planned Parenthood Votes announced they intended to spend $10 million to help voters realize that “protect[ing] abortion access” in the Tar Heel State is on the ballot in November. That marks the largest single-state investment ever for Planned Parenthood. The organizations will focus on convincing people to vote if they are concerned about the future of abortion in NC.

The money will go toward digital advertising, mailers, phone banking, and media programming on college campuses. Planned Parenthood Votes spokesperson Emily Thompson said they also aim to canvass the state, knocking on a million doors before November. The focus will be on 16 state House and Senate races to break the GOP’s supermajority in NC — Democrats only need to win one additional seat. North Carolina director for Red, Wine and Blue, Janice Robinson, said her group plans to address the abortion issue as well in North Carolina. Her organization will also focus on protecting abortion access in the state.

The Republican nominee for governor, Lieutenant Governor Mark Robinson, said he supports a statewide ban on abortion once a fetal heartbeat is detected. If elected, he intends to push that measure. Thompson said that means the Planned Parenthood initiative to mobilize pro-choice voters must succeed to “defend the bodily autonomy of every North Carolinian” this November. If the GOP keeps its supermajority in the legislature and wins the governorship, a ban seems likely.

Do you think the groups will mobilize in other states to motivate pro-choice voters to cast their ballots in the fall?

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