Pelosi Says Putin Has ‘Financial’ Power Over Donald Trump

( – Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) is targeting Donald Trump again. She’s striking this time over his response to the assassination of one of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s harshest critics. She points to a TRUTH Social post, where the former president used the death as a springboard to slam the “Radical Left Politicians, Prosecutors and Judges” in the United States.

Newsweek reports that Russian politician Alexei Navalny, who was part of the opposition against the Kremlin, died while serving time in one of the former Soviet nation’s prison camps. Numerous US officials, including President Joe Biden, have condemned the death and claimed Putin is responsible. Trump didn’t mention Putin’s name in his response to the news, instead criticizing US leaders and placing a spotlight on his personal grievances. Russian officials aren’t releasing Navalny’s body, which was said to have shown signs of bruising on his head and chest.

Pelosi appeared on the February 19 broadcast of MSNBC’s “Inside With Jen Psaki” to discuss Navalny’s death and slam Trump’s comparison. She implied that the former president’s statement reflected a new low, saying it was “so horrible” that it fell below all human dignity. The former House speaker implied that Putin must have something big over Trump for the MAGA leader to be “beholden” to the Kremlin in such a way.

Navalny had been outspoken for years against Russia’s corruption and violence, according to a statement President Biden issued on February 16, which firmly points the finger at Putin as the person behind the reported death. Biden claims the Russian leader had Navalny poisoned in 2020, almost successfully killing him. Instead of living in exile, the vocal opposition fighter returned to Russia, where he was then arrested and imprisoned on “fabricated” charges.

Biden used Navalny’s death as a reason that the US must continue helping Ukraine defend itself against Russia’s invasion.

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