One Confirmed Dead, Five Wounded In Iowa School Shooting

( – Gun violence is on the rise in the United States, with the frequency of school shootings steadily increasing. CNN’s statistics show there were 73 shootings in 2021, 79 in 2022, and 82 in 2023. But the gun violence didn’t stop in US schools. According to a report from the Gun Violence Archive, there were 656 mass shootings in the last year alone. The disturbing pattern continued into 2024, with the most recent incident at a school in Iowa.

On January 4, the New York Post reported that 17-year-old Dylan Butler took to Perry High School before the morning school bell, bringing along a small-caliber handgun, a pump-action shotgun, and an “explosive device.” After posting a TikTok from what seemed to be a location within the school, the alleged shooter wasted no time opening fire, killing one sixth-grader and injuring five other people. His reign of terror continued until he ended his own life.

Police have not revealed the identities of the majority of the victims. However, one victim’s name quickly became public — Principal Dan Marburger, who was injured. The Easton Valley Community School District released a statement on social media about the long-time head of the school, asking for “prayers to him and his family.”

It took emergency responders just seven minutes to arrive at the scene after the first calls. First responders disarmed the explosive after the shooter committed suicide. A motive for the shooting has yet to be confirmed, but a community member theorized that ongoing bullying may have been the trigger for Butler’s rampage. Adam Infante, Dallas County Sheriff, said during a press conference that the outcome of the shooting could have been worse if Butler had executed his attack after the “opening bell.”

The conditions of the surviving victims are currently unknown, but the latest report said one person was in critical but non-life-threatening condition, and the four others were listed as stable.

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