Offensive Strategies Against Hamas Are Only Beginning

( – Israel formally declared war against Hamas, a militant Palestinian group that has controlled the Gaza Strip since 2007, after enduring a recent unprovoked attack that devastated parts of the country. It responded by pummeling the small Mediterranean region with air strikes and cutting off vital supply chains in an effort to cripple the enemy. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu promised that such offensive strategies were only the beginning.

The Associated Press reports that Hamas began this latest battle when it sent fighters through residential areas on Saturday, October 7, to slaughter innocent Israeli people. The siege killed at least 1000, injured thousands more, and ended with at least 130 hostages forced into Gaza. Israel responded by deploying drones and tanks to border regions and calling 300,000 military reservists into active duty. It later called in another 60,000 reserve members. Israel reports that it has since regained control over the border as well as several connected areas Hamas attempted to take.

Netanyahu said Israel had only just begun its retribution, stating that Hamas would feel the effects of its decision to attack “for generations.” Abu Obeida, a spokesman for the invading group, also responded. He warned that every future raid Israel conducted without warning would result in the death of one civilian hostage.

President Joe Biden recently expressed the possibility that there are US citizens among the Hamas’ prisoners. The commander-in-chief also offered his condolences to everyone who has suffered as a result of the attacks and condemned the action by the Hamas. Officials have confirmed at least 14 Americans died in Saturday’s assault, and many others remain missing.

Israel’s initial retaliation resulted in the total destruction of 790 Gaza housing units, with another 5,330 suffering serious damage. Its forces also hit sanitation and water plants, rendering 400,000 people without the vital services. At least 680 in Gaza have died so far.

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