North Face Sponsors LGBT Overnight Camp For 12-Year-Olds

( – Republican-led states struggle to protect their residents from negative influences like the cultural anomalies associated with the LGBT community. Several states and local governments have passed measures addressing issues like biological boys competing against girls at interscholastic sports tournaments, transgender individuals using restrooms that don’t align with their biological gender, public schools hosting drag story hours, and the like.

A recent report indicated that The North Face, an outdoor recreation products company, sponsors an overnight LGBT camp for children as young as 12.

North Face Helps Finance LGBT Camps for Kids

On April 3, The Daily Wire (TDW) published an article detailing The North Face’s sponsorship of Camp Brave Trails’ overnight summer camps in New York and California for 12 to 17-year-old LGBT kids. TDW confirmed that the outdoor shoe company Toms and Chacos, along with other smaller companies, also donates funds for the programs.

It remains unclear when North Face first started sponsoring the programs. However, the report’s author tracked down a June 2023 post on X/Twitter that confirmed the company donated more than $70,000 to Camp Brave Trails that year.

The post featured an image of kids standing behind a flag emblazoned with the Camp Brave Trails logo superimposed over an LGBT rainbow stripe. It also contained a link to The North Face’s website’s “Pride Collection” page, which features an assortment of pro-LGBT clothing emblazoned with rainbow print patterns and logos.

TDW also found a YouTube video posted by Camp Brave Trails that featured footage highlighting last year’s summer camp programs. Aptly titled “It’s a HoliGAY,” the clip showed campers participating in drag shows and other activities.

In a disturbing twist, TDW reported that a recent investigation conducted by staffers uncovered several similar camp programs scattered across the country. Sadly, the probe revealed that some programs accept children as young as four. One camp, operated at “an undisclosed location,” received seven-year-old campers.

LGBTQ Legislation

Currently, state legislatures are considering 484 bills pushing back against perceived civic overreach by individuals with alternative gender identities and sexual orientations. At the same time, many elements of corporate America are promoting and supporting efforts to undermine more than 200 years of established tradition.

For instance, by January 2022, more than 500 companies supported a grassroots effort sponsored by the Human Rights Campaign to promote the passage of a landmark bill proposed by Democratic lawmakers in Washington to add sexual identity and gender orientation to the protections afforded to Americans under the Civil Rights Act of 1964. So far, Republicans have managed to block passage of the Equality Act.

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