Newsom Faces Renewed Recall Over Policy Grievances

( – Conservative activists have California Governor Gavin Newsom (D) in their sights once again, and they hope to stop the liberal leader for good this time. In a repeat effort of their 2021 attempt to have him ousted, the group is collecting signatures in hopes of renewing the recall on his election win. They allege that Newsom has become too distracted with national politics to run his home state.

Rescue California claims that Newsom “abandoned” California when he shifted his goals to start planning a presidential run. The Golden State governor has repeatedly rejected claims that he might step into the 2024 race at the last minute, insisting that President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris are the Left’s chosen ticket. Still, suspicions continue to grow over the actions of his political action committee, which may be evidence that he’s planning a move.

Regardless of Newsom’s motivations, he stands accused of failing California in numerous areas. Rescue California’s grievances include allegations that he spent $3 billion on healthcare for illegal immigrants while cutting aid to school children, veterans, homeless populations, and the disabled. He also reportedly shelled out billions on homeless programs that haven’t made a dent in the problem. The liberal governor kept schools closed the longest of all states during the pandemic, potentially crippling students, and he implemented substantial tax hikes while shuttering prisons and allowing crime rates to skyrocket. Meanwhile, the state faces a deficit of roughly $73 billion.

Rescue California must gather at least 12% of the number of votes Newsom received during his election to move forward, meaning the minimum signature count needs to be at least 1,311,963 to qualify for a statewide vote. If efforts to remove Newsom fail, his current term will end in 2026.

The action against Newsom could also potentially backfire. He used the last recall attempt as a springboard for contributions in 2021 and 2022, raking in massive donations.

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