New Trump Advertisement Calls Out Haley’s Weakness

( – Former President Donald Trump just released a new advertisement aimed at GOP primary opponent Nikki Haley. The Republican frontrunner claims Haley’s weaknesses would prove dangerous for Americans and asserts that he has the strength to keep the country safe. The video, which lasts only 30 seconds, is Trump’s second major assault against the former South Carolina governor in just over two weeks.

Trump Slams Haley

Trump’s latest ad, which Medium Buying made available on X, the social media platform formerly known as Twitter, is currently running in New Hampshire. It highlights Haley’s stances on the border wall and bans on visitors from terrorist nations, lumping her with the wildly unpopular Democratic primary frontrunner, President Joe Biden. Trump ran another ad before that, attacking his opponent over her failed attempt to raise a gas tax during her time in office.

New Hampshire, which boldly decided to bump up its primary voting to January 23, now stands a chance at holding some influence in other states’ elections, so the MAGA leader likely wants to ensure he retains a strong foothold there. FiveThirtyEight’s polling averages for the Granite State show Haley has made some major leaps over the recent months, going from a major longshot to a second-place contender. She still only has 29.1 % of the state’s estimated support, compared to Trump’s 42.3%, but with just over a 13-point difference standing between the two, some people might say it’s still anybody’s race. Still, Iowa holds its Republican caucus on January 15, making it an influential state as well, and Trump is still ahead of Haley there by landslide proportions.

Haley Fires Back

Haley has taken Trump’s attacks in stride, but only recently has she begun to strike back. POLITICO reports that Haley, in response to Trump’s first ad, accused Trump of trying to impose a 25-cent increase on gas taxes in 2018. She’s also brought up the $8 trillion debt the country was in after his four years in office. The former South Carolina governor reportedly called Trump’s attacks “little temper tantrums” and insisted that his allegations against her were untrue.

Haley has skated a fine line between praising the 45th president and insisting he’s no longer the right candidate for the job. Her strategy appears to be an attempt to win over Conservatives who like Trump but might not yet be certain about seeing him run for another term.

Overall Numbers Still Favor Trump

Haley might have a foothold in New Hampshire, but she’s still in third place nationally. Trump currently has 61.8% of the Republican national vote, followed by Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, who has 12.1% of the GOP’s support. Nikki Haley trails behind the two with 11.2%.

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