Naomi Biden Says Jesse Watters Remark on Fox News ‘Crosses the Line’

( – Fox News host Jesse Watters recently slammed President Joe Biden, comparing his ability to protect the country’s borders to his effectiveness in reining in his son Hunter. First Granddaughter Naomi Biden expressed her frustrations over the segment on X, the social media platform formerly known as Twitter. She said Watters’ remark “crosses the line.”

Naomi Biden included the Fox News clip, in which Watters says he knew the president wouldn’t be able to control the border because he couldn’t even “say no to his own son.” The criticism seems to poke at Hunter Biden’s long-standing issues with crack cocaine and alcohol, the implication being that Biden’s parenting must be among the reasons for the First Son’s problems with addiction.

The statement goes too far according to Biden’s 30-year-old granddaughter, who insists she doesn’t get upset easily. She noted that people were free to take issue with the president’s policies, but they didn’t need to get “ugly” about it. She added that she hoped Watters never had to suffer over having a child who struggled.

Hunter Biden first began drinking excessively in the early 2000s according to The New York Times. At the time, he was working for the lobbying and law firm Oldaker, Biden & Belair. He joined the Navy Reserve in Norfolk, Virginia, becoming an ensign in May 2013, when he was assigned to the public affairs reserve unit. He was discharged in October 2014, at the age of 44, after a drug test came back positive for cocaine. The death of his brother, Beau Biden, two years later further fueled his abuse, sending him down a dark spiral that eventually involved crack cocaine use. His 24-year marriage ended shortly thereafter. The First Son threw himself into even more hot water in 2018, when he broke the law by purchasing a handgun while under the influence of drugs.

Regardless of how relevant or “ugly” Watters’ statement on the president’s involvement might be, he touches on an issue that has only continued to grow between the Right and the Left. Recent battles between the White House and Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) have worsened that divide.

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