Musk Won’t Donate Money to Either Presidential Candidate

( – Billionaire Elon Musk recently shared on X, the social media platform formerly known as Twitter, that he doesn’t plan on donating to President Joe Biden’s campaign. He claims he isn’t giving anything to former President Donald Trump, either. The announcement set off a firestorm of reactions, many of which were expressions of doubt over the entrepreneur’s sincerity.

Musk made the bold statement on March 6. Some responders took his words at face value, many sharing their respect for his decision to remain neutral. Numerous others joked that perhaps the billionaire might be willing to donate to them. GreatLakesLady noted that she could use the money because she needed to go grocery shopping. Greg asked if Musk might cover his planned Chick-fil-A lunch.

Alex Howard inquired whether Musk also planned on refraining from donating to campaign committees, seeming to suggest that the entrepreneur was withholding some of the story. The X user included a photo of alleged donations SpaceX and Tesla made to political groups and individual candidates in the past. Gary Koepnick questioned how much the billionaire was contributing to Trump’s legal fees, and @amuse elaborated on that sentiment, claiming they’d heard a rumor that Musk was backing the former president’s surety bonds to appeal his New York cases.

Others approached the announcement as irrelevant. Luke Zaleski suggested that Trump didn’t need Musk’s money because the X owner/CEO’s influence across the social media platform alone was enough. Penny2x said Musk should “break the chains” and vote for a third-party or independent candidate.

The New York Times reports that Musk and Trump met in Palm Beach, Florida, on March 3 as the former president reportedly moved in for campaign contributions from the SpaceX founder as well as a few other potential GOP donors. The blanket March 6 X post was apparently the lavish investor’s response.

Musk has a reported net worth of about $200 billion.

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