MTG Mocked Over Israel Aid Comments

( – Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) has been on a bit of a losing streak lately. For instance, the House recently rejected her effort to censure Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI), a leading member of “The Squad,” over her remarks regarding the Israel/Hamas War. Democrats planned to present a similar measure against MTG but changed their mind after Tlaib received broad bipartisan support during the chamber’s vote. In a further escalation, users of X/Twitter recently mocked Greene for her comments about aid to wartorn Israel.

On November 5, Greene posted a brief statement on her X/Twitter account about the status of the Middle Eastern conflict. She claimed that the Israeli military was “literally dominating” Hamas without the help of “one single American dollar.” “Just think about that,” she concluded.

Greene’s post quickly drew the attention of other platform users who used the site’s Community Notes, a tool implemented by X CEO Elon Musk, to correct her post.

As a result, a notice appears immediately beneath MTG’s post advising that the US has given Israel $260 billion in aid, much of it for military purposes since the end of WW2. The Community Note also stated that America recently sent the country an additional $10 billion for its Iron Dome mobile air defense system.

Greene’s post received more than four million views as of November 7 and roughly 7,700 comments. Several users mocked her for claiming the US hasn’t sent money to Israel. For instance, one user referred to the congresswoman as a “nesting doll of dumb.” Another one suggested she read some books.

Several users knocked Greene’s claim by citing figures regarding the millions of dollars in military and economic aid provided to Israel by the US since the 1980s. Others mocked her by pointing out that America sends Israel roughly $3 billion a year in assistance.

Additionally, a considerable number of X/Twitter users left comments suggesting Greene resign.

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