Marjorie Taylor Greene Tells Reporter To ‘F*** Off’

( – Georgia Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (MTG) recently spoke with British reporter Emily Maitlis at Mar-a-Lago. The two seemed to hit it off as they discussed former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley’s decision to end her presidential campaign. But the mood turned sour when the questions moved to cover Greene’s alleged fascination with conspiracy theories. MTG told the reporter to “f*** off” before turning her back to the camera and walking away with a flustered wave over her shoulder.

The News Agents shared the interaction on X, the social media platform formerly known as Twitter. In the video, Maitlis began the short interview by asking MTG’s thoughts on Haley, and the Georgia representative was happy to share her opinion. She noted that the Republican party had tried to convince Haley to leave the race and support former President Donald Trump. She added that the outcome of Super Tuesday was “the clear message” that the former president was the GOP’s nominee.

The questioning remained civil as Maitlis asked for MTG’s input on Trump’s possible VP picks. The conservative congresswoman shared uncertainty over the possibilities, stating that the list was long. She added that she supported the MAGA leader in all of his choices and insisted that Trump would not pick Haley as the GOP vice-presidential pick.

Maitlis shifted her questioning at that point, going on the offensive by asking why MTG and other Trump followers “love conspiracy theories.” The Georgia representative first answered by telling the reporter that she and everyone else on the Left are conspiracy theorists. The British interviewer pressed on with the mention of “Jewish space lasers,” prompting her subject to snap back. New York Magazine reported in January 2021 that MTG had alleged that wildfires weren’t natural occurrences but resulted from efforts between PG&E and the Rothschild family to clear the land using “a space laser.”

Sky News stated that MTG also recently told off UK Foreign Secretary David Cameron for his response to her stance against funding Ukraine, stating he could “kiss [her] ass.”

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