Marjorie Taylor Greene Demands Space Lasers To Combat Migrants And Protect The Border

( – In 2018, Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) spread an unfounded conspiracy theory online, stating that “Jewish space lasers” were used by the Rothschilds to cause the California wildfires. The purpose, she concluded, was so the wealthy family could profit off the destruction. She was punished for her antics. Recently, she brought up space lasers again, only this time the lawmaker wants to use the supposed technology at the southern border.

On April 17, Greene posted on social media, talking about Israel’s unmanned defense system is among the best in the world. The lawmaker shared an amendment she presented in Congress that would direct funds to develop “space laser technology” for use on the southwest border.

Greene said she voted to “fund space lasers for Israel’s defense” and now believes America should use that “type of defense” at the border. However, it’s unclear what type of technology she’s talking about or what kind of effect she thinks it would have against migrants.

In October 2023, there were reports that Israel may have started using a new weapon in its war against Hamas — the Iron Beam. The technology is an energy-based system similar to the Iron Dome in that eliminates missiles in the sky.

The New York Times previously described the defense weapon as a “high-powered laser gun” that can take out “rockets, mortar shells, drones, and anti-tank missiles in flight.” If that is the technology Greene is talking about, it wouldn’t make sense to use at the border, since migrants aren’t in flight coming across the border.

In her post, the lawmaker said Israel has space laser technology and is proudly using it. However, there is no solid evidence that the country is using any type of defense space laser or if it is even using the Iron Laser from the ground. While space lasers do exist, they are used for communication and scientific purposes, not weapons.

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