Man Tries To Shoot Pastor During Sermon, Gets Tackled

( – While the Gun Violence Archive is an informative source that gathers information about mass shootings in America, it also tracks other gun violence incidents. Those include officer-involved shootings, those at schools, homicides (intentional and unintentional), and suicides. One recent incident could have made it on the list if the gun had discharged as intended.

On May 5, Pastor Glenn Germany was streaming his sermon to the Jesus Dwelling Place Church congregation in Pennsylvania when a man with a gun appeared in the aisle and pointed his firearm at the church leader. Fortunately for the pastor, the weapon didn’t fire.

The pastor ran and ducked behind the pulpit, and the would-be shooter, Bernard Junior Polite, started to advance. Just then, the cameraman sprung into action, tackling the suspect on the steps to the stage. German came over to help subdue the man and disarm him.

Germany spoke about the ordeal after it was over, stating he was “thankful to God” that he was still alive because the suspect “definitely pulled the trigger.” He told Pittsburgh’s Action News 4 that Polite wasn’t a regular at the church, but he noticed the man going in and out of the building that morning watching him. The pastor praised the cameraman for his quick action, noting he could’ve lost his “life in that struggle.” Germany called the man a “hero.”

Police confirmed that Polite did try to shoot the pastor, claiming “God told him to do it.” The suspect wanted to go to jail to clear his head. Meanwhile, the authorities searched Polite’s home, where they found a man shot to death inside.

That matter is still under investigation, and the suspect hasn’t been charged with a crime related to the dead man inside his home as of May 6. However, Polite is facing criminal charges for his alleged actions at the church, including attempted homicide. He is currently in custody in the Allegheny County Jail.

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