Man Decapitates Own Father, Wrote About It in Revolutionary Pamphlet Years Earlier

( – A man who published a pamphlet warning Americans of a “bloody revolution” has been arrested for allegedly decapitating his own father. He reportedly shared about the macabre act in a YouTube video before leaving the remains for his mother to discover. Police are still trying to zero in on the motive, but the suspect blamed his father’s 20 years of service as a federal employee as a possible reason for his actions.

Please be advised that this article includes details that might be disturbing to sensitive readers.

Justin Mohn, 32, faces several charges, which include first-degree murder and abuse of a corpse, following the gruesome discovery of his decapitated father. Philadelphia affiliate WPVI-TV states that the victim’s wife found the body in a first-floor bathroom of their home. The head was also on the first floor, in a bedroom, wrapped in a plastic bag and sitting in a pot from the kitchen. Police reportedly recovered bloody gloves from a second-story bedroom and found a large kitchen knife and a machete in a bathtub. Both the suspect and victim had gone missing prior to the discovery.

Mohn recently shared a video on YouTube titled “Mohn’s Militia — Call to Arms for American Patriots,” which Newsweek reports is no longer on the media platform. In it, the suspect allegedly holds the head in front of the camera while reading a scripted message berating the government, insisting President Joe Biden’s administration sparked a war between the US government and its citizens. About 5,000 people saw the video before its removal.

A pamphlet Mohn published titled “America’s Coming Bloody Revolution” back in 2020 expresses the view that violent acts are inevitable. The publication reportedly includes rhetoric that pushes toward killing potential “traitors” who might try to undermine free-market capitalism — including family members. Such people, according to the suspect, might include employers, teachers, elected officials, judges, and seniors.

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