Liberals Are Embracing Firearms

( – A recent survey found that more Liberals than ever are living in homes with guns. Republican gun ownership is also on the rise, although the growth on the Right has been a little less dramatic. Rises in urban area crime could be one of the major factors in the shift.

The survey, according to NBC News, determined that about 52% of American households currently have at least one gun. The outlet conducted a series of polls in cooperation with The Wall Street Journal, dating back to 2004. The most recent survey, which took place between November 10 and November 14, included 1,000 registered voters, 833 of whom were contacted by phone. It found that roughly 66% of Republicans, 41% of Democrats, and 45% of independents lived in homes that had at least one gun. In the previous survey, which occurred in August 2019, 64% of Republicans, 33% of Democrats, and 46% of independents admitted to owning or living with someone who owned a firearm.

The polls also noted a sizable jump in gun ownership among black voters. Just 24% said they had a gun in their household in 2019, but 41% had firearms in the 2023 survey. For comparison, 53% of white respondents said they or someone in the home had a gun in 2019, and that figure only jumped up three percentage points in the 2023 poll results.

Just as notable is the finding that the country is nearly split over its opinions on the government’s place in regulating guns. About 48% said they didn’t think the government had enough in place to ensure proper firearm regulation, while about 47% feared the government would eventually take restrictions too far.

A recent Gallup poll showed 63% of residents believe crime is a serious problem in the US, with most feeling that the problem has worsened over the past year. People who live in cities are most likely to say crime is a major issue where they live, although data from a separate NBC News article shows that gun deaths have become most common in rural areas.

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