Leftist Blogger Who Hacked Fox News Arrested On 14 Federal Charges

(RepublicanReport.org) – In May, the Tampa Bay Times reported that the FBI executed a search warrant at journalist and blogger Tim Burke’s home in Florida. The outlet said agents were looking into possible Fox News hacks that revealed some explosive and embarrassing behind-the-scenes clips of former Fox host Tucker Carlson. At the time, Burke wasn’t formally accused of any wrongdoing. That assessment has changed.

On February 22, Rolling Stone reported that the journalist was arrested and charged with 14 federal crimes stemming from that raid and subsequent investigation. The news outlet obtained a copy of Burke’s indictment, which alleged he played many “roles in the conspiracy” to illegally gain access to “electronic items and information.” In addition, the documents reportedly state that the freelance blogger used the allegedly stolen information and disclosed it to the public.

Burke’s attorney, Mark Rasch, disputed the accusations, claiming his client obtained the Fox News clips legally and his actions are protected under the First Amendment. According to the Daily Wire, another attorney of Burke’s, Michael Maddux, said his client wasn’t a hacker. Instead, he said Burke’s alleged actions were “just good investigative journalism,” and he was looking forward to “exonerat[ing] him.”

The videos included antisemitic comments made by Kanye West and Carlson speaking inappropriately to his make-up artist. The since-fired Fox host also talked about his Dominion case deposition, calling the attorney on the other side an expletive and admitting the whole experience “triggered” him. Fox ended up having to pay Dominion $787.5 million for defamation, and Carlson was fired in the wake of the controversy. Media Matters subsequently published the clips in April 2023, and the FBI raided Burke’s home the following month.

The indictment listed one other alleged conspirator but didn’t mention them by name. The document, however, alleged that the other party lived in Washington and also played several roles in the conspiracy.

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