Latino Voters Set To Play A Major Role In Deciding The 2024 Election

( – This November, US voters will likely witness another head-to-head battle for the White House between President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump. According to recent polling, the two presumptive nominees are in a dead heat, with Biden recently pulling ahead in some surveys. The vice president of the Latino Vote Initiative believes Latino voters will play a crucial role in who comes out on top.

The group’s VP, Clarissa Martínez-de-Castro, recently spoke to Newsweek about the race for the Oval Office. She said Latinos will not only be a “critical factor” in the race for the presidency but in congressional, state, and local races as well. She said the demographic is “geographically concentrated in states” that either have a lot of delegates, are battleground states, or both. Martínez-de-Castro said that even in states without a heavy Latino voting presence, they could tip the scales one way or the other.

During the midterm elections in 2022, 18 million registered Hispanic citizens could’ve voted, but only 11.8 million cast their ballots. While those numbers from UnidosUS seem strong, there were 31.2 million Hispanic people of voting age in America in 2022. Martínez-de-Castro said the concentration needs to be on increasing Latino voter registration. If organizations like hers are able to accomplish that task by November, the voting block could have a large impact on the election.

Historically, that voting demographic leans Democratic, although there is a small portion of Republican support. UnidosUS reportedly surveyed over 3,000 Latino voters 6 months ago. A total of 48% said they believe Democrats “care a great deal” about them. Only 25% of those polled believed Republicans have that same level of care for the Hispanic population.

The issue might actually come down to abortion, a hot-button issue in the upcoming election. The UnidosUS survey showed that 71% of Latinos believe it’s “wrong to make abortion illegal,” aligning with most Democratic politicians across America.

Could that demographic swing the election?

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