Lake Announces Bid For US Senate

Senate Nixes Healthcare Worker Vaccine Mandate

( – Former television anchor Kari Lake, 54, lost her 2022 gubernatorial bid against then-Arizona Secretary of State Kathleen Hobbs. Decision Desk HQ reported that she lost by a mere 17,116 votes or 0.66 percentage points. Undeterred, she filed several failed lawsuits contesting the election’s results and launched a nationwide tour promoting “America First” values. Ever the optimist, she recently announced her bid for incumbent Sen. Kyrsten Sinema’s (I-AZ) seat.

On October 11, Lake formally announced her decision to seek the Republican nomination for the US Senate. She told a roaring Scottsdale crowd that she wouldn’t retreat. Instead, she would “stand on top of this hill” with her supporters and “formally announce” her bid for the US Senate.

Later that evening, former President Donald Trump posted a short clip on his Truth Social account giving her his “complete and total endorsement.” Expressing confidence he will defeat President Joe Biden, he stressed the need to have “strong fighters like Kari [Lake]” in the Senate when he starts serving his second term in office.

So far, Pinal County Sheriff Mark Lamb is the only other viable candidate for Arizona’s Republican nomination. He appeared unconcerned about Lake’s announcement. He issued a brief statement following her entry into the race.

Lamb took a shot at his rival, pointing out that he was the only “proven conservative winner” seeking the GOP nomination in Arizona, a reference to her 2022 defeat. Turning his attention to his background, he stressed the fact he “dedicated [his] life to protecting Arizonans” in the face of failed Democratic policies.

The fiery sheriff concluded his remarks by telling Arizona voters he’s a “talker” and a “doer” and wins elections. “That is what separates me from my opponents,” he proclaimed.

The eventual Republican nominee will likely face off with former US Marine and current representative for Arizona’s 3rd Congressional District, Rubén Gallego. He posted a statement on his X/Twitter page welcoming Lake to the race. The Democratic congressman said he looked forward to hearing her plan to ban abortions without exception, her “undermining” of American democracy, and “threats of violence,” adding, “That’s why voters rejected you … and we’ll do it again.”

Sinema hasn’t indicated whether she intends to run for another term.

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