Kid Rock Changes His Opinion on Bud Light

( – Only months after going on a tirade about Bud Light on X, the online platform formerly known as Twitter, Kid Rock apparently — very quietly — changed his stance. The rapper and music icon created a social media storm after pictures emerged showing him drinking a can of the controversial beverage. Now, Kid Rock admits he’s decided to sing a different tune.

Kid Rock helped kick off a boycott of Bud Light in April when he filmed himself spraying bullets into multiple cases of the beer in response to the company sending a personalized can to transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney. The Instagram personality had released a video showing followers the gift, triggering the backlash.

In his social media video, he offered a spiteful smile as he yelled, “f*** Bud Light and f*** Anheuser-Busch.” His post led to many Conservatives agreeing to boycott the brand, which Newsweek reports ended up costing the company millions of dollars. Then, strangely, Kid Rock was caught with one of the unmistakable cans in his hand in August as he listened to music and chatted with friends at a concert in Nashville. TMZ, which broke the story, initially had no information on the change of heart.

The performer recently broke his silence on Fox News, where he told host Sean Hannity he’d given the matter a lot of thought and didn’t want to participate in cancel culture. He added that as a Christian, he believed forgiveness was important, and he didn’t want to snuff out a whole company — not to mention the many jobs that depended on it — just because someone made a mistake. He also expressed that he hoped Anheuser-Busch would find a way to earn back his loyalty to the brand.

TMZ reports that fans have had mixed reactions to Kid Rock’s new stance. Some say they’ll support the rapper in any of his decisions, and others angrily have denounced him along with the light beer he nearly helped destroy.

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