Karine Jean-Pierre Gets Grilled About Biden’s Likeability With Americans

(RepublicanReport.org) – According to recent average polling reported by FiveThirtyEight, President Joe Biden’s approval rating was at 38.3% on May 15. That’s about where it has been hovering for years. Recently, one reporter addressed his popularity issue, which led to a back-and-forth between him and White House Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre.

On May 14, Jean-Pierre held a press briefing alongside United States Trade Representative Katherine Tai. During the questions portion toward the end of the meeting, Fox News correspondent Peter Doocy asked why she thought “Americans [were] so down on President Biden right now.”

The press secretary asked for clarification, to which he responded by talking about polls in swing states favoring “somebody who is a criminal defendant.” Doocy wanted to know why it didn’t seem like Biden was gaining popularity no matter what he did.

Jean-Pierre went back to the beginning of Biden’s presidency, highlighting the difficulties he faced at that time. She touted the president’s push for the American Rescue Plan — that “no Republicans voted for” — the creation of millions of jobs and the current low unemployment rate. While the secretary said she understands why Americans are still frustrated, she said Biden is working hard to lower their costs, admitting it will take time for families to feel that relief.

Doocy pushed back by asking why nothing the president is doing is addressing Americans’ concerns. She responded that Biden was dedicated to keeping going by protecting workers and businesses. The reporter’s final push was to suggest that the president’s specific efforts were turning voters away from him. The press secretary pushed back in disagreement, listing several efforts that were “incredibly popular” among the American people — specifically, student debt and “fighting Big Pharma.”

Jean-Pierre was careful not to mention the war in Israel and did not delve into Doocy’s reference to criminal defendant Donald Trump. She then moved on to a different reporter to continue taking questions.

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