Kari Lake: ‘Everyone Misses MAGAnomics’

(RepublicanReport.org) – After losing her gubernatorial bid in Arizona in 2022, Kari Lake decided to run for another political office — the US Senate. Her platform includes securing the border, energy independence, lowering crime, and defending American freedom. The GOP candidate is running against her Democratic opponent, Representative Ruben Gallego (AZ). Recently, Lake appeared on “Newsline” and talked about the economy.

On May 15, Lake proclaimed that “everyone misses MAGAnomics,” pointing to currently inflated prices of everything from “rent” to “grocery prices.” The candidate said both of those costs are up “21%,” while “electricity and energy prices…are up nearly 30%.”

Lake told the news outlet that people in Arizona are having a hard time cooling their homes because it’s so expensive. She said “real wealth for the average American family” is now under $33,000 annually because of Bidenomics. As such, the Senate hopeful believes US citizens are anticipating the return of “MAGAnomics,” although she didn’t specify what that meant. It presumably referenced lower prices.

Lake also attacked Gallego, stating he always supports President Joe Biden and his policies. She stated that the AZ legislator voted for all the “stuff that ushered in” the current economy, adding that Arizona has been hit “particularly hard” by inflation.

The Consumer Price Index for April cooled slightly from March, dropping 0.1%. It now sits at 3.4%, inching down toward the Fed’s desired number. However, the core index didn’t include food or fuel prices, which dropped slightly month-over-month by 0.2%, marking the lowest annual increase in three years. Chief US economist at Santander, Stephen Stanley, called the trend a “small step in the right direction.”

Still, as Lake pointed out during her interview, some people are having to work at least two jobs to make ends meet. She said they are still struggling because “wages will not grow,” an issue the Biden administration and many state leaders have been trying to address.

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