Judge Hands Donald Trump The Trial Delay He Wanted

(RepublicanReport.org) – Multiple plaintiffs have filed lawsuits against former President Donald Trump for his alleged role in the January 6 insurrection. Representatives Bennie Thompson (D-MS), Barbara Lee (D-CA), and nine other congressional members—current and former—sued Trump, the Proud Boys, and Enrique Tarrio for impeding them from performing their duties that day. Recently, the judge made a ruling about the case.

On April 29, US District Judge Amit Mehta set a deadline for immunity-related discovery of September 11. The judge said no extension will be granted beyond that unless the person requesting it gives a “concrete showing of good cause.” Mehta also ruled that each side must give a discovery status report by May 29 and every 30 days thereafter until September to make sure everything is on track.

Just a couple of weeks before Mehta’s ruling, the judge denied a request from Trump’s team. They asked the court to put the case on hold in the civil suits until after defendant Trump’s January 6 criminal trial concluded. However, the judge stated that the public had an interest in a prompt resolution of the civil lawsuits, adding that the court would put “appropriate safeguards” in place to prevent any Fifth Amendment rights infringements.

The Supreme Court recently heard arguments as to whether a president has full immunity from prosecution. The justices are expected to render a decision by June, well before the discovery deadline in the civil cases. The impending decision could impact the case if the high court finds that presidents have immunity from prosecution for alleged crimes — civil, criminal, or both.

The plaintiffs in the civil cases claim that Trump’s actions — or inactions — on January 6 were not part of his official duties as president. However, the former president claims he did nothing wrong. Even if he broke the law, Trump asserts he has blanket immunity from prosecution — the very issue that currently lies with the Supreme Court.

Considering September is just two months before the general election, it doesn’t appear as though the litigation will come to a conclusion before November.

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