Jordan Peterson Rips Into Kamala Harris

( – Dr. Jordan Peterson, a conservative Canadian psychologist who has made a name for himself as an influencer and political commentator, recently ripped into US Vice President Kamala Harris. He mocked her in a post on X, formerly Twitter, slamming the leader for her “Fight for Reproductive Freedoms Tour.”

Dr. Peterson shared a video of the San Jose, California, event in his post. Harris appears roughly 13 minutes into the clip, where she speaks about the “suffering” of women who’ve been denied access to abortions. Hecklers disrupt her multiple times, leading the vice president to speak over their chanting as she defends her views. Harris denounces anti-abortion advocates for being judgmental of women who’ve had the procedure, speaking as though their moral objection to the act is the real problem. “God help us,” Peterson replies.

The tweet set off a chain of concerned and angry responses, many directed at Harris’ decision to advocate the deaths of countless unborn babies while the rest of the world was struggling in so many devastating ways. The Jewish Defense Corp questioned her priorities and Body Building Libertarian pointed out Harris’ bizarre choice to campaign for abortion rights in a state that already allows its women free access to the controversial procedure.

Dr. Peterson also recently slammed President Joe Biden. He shared a post the US president had made on X, which suggested women in the United States continued to earn $0.84 on the dollar. The Canadian psychologist called the assertion a “faux-moralizing lie.” He added that such “inexcusable” emotional manipulations needed to end and shamed both Biden and Democrats as a whole for increasing the divide with their rhetoric and spreading misinformation for political gain.

Dr. Peterson attacked the president earlier in the month as well, according to Newsweek, insisting Biden didn’t stand a chance against Trump in November.

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