Jonathan Majors Sparks Backlash After Comparing His GF to Coretta King

( – Jonathan Majors, known for his portrayal of the Marvel villain Kang, was convicted in December 2023 of assaulting his ex-girlfriend, dancer Grace Jabbari. His most recent fling, actress Meagan Good, stood by him throughout his trial. The disgraced actor recently shared his gratitude over her support, sparking major backlash by comparing her to, of all people, the late Coretta Scott King.

Majors made the comment during a January 8 interview on ABC News’ Live Prime with anchor Linsey Davis, which is available to view on YouTube. Much of their discussion centered around the former actor’s recent court conviction and his claims that he never physically assaulted Jabbari, but Davis also asked about Good. Majors called her “an angel,” adding that she was “like a Coretta,” which apparently was a reference to the heavily devoted wife of the late Martin Luther King Jr.

The former Marvel star once told Jabbari that he was destined for greatness, and as such, he needed an equally impressive woman by his side. He apparently found that in Good, who regularly attended court with Majors as he attempted to defend himself against Jabbari’s claims.

Social media users didn’t take long to respond. Huffington Post’s deputy editor, Philip Lewis, shared Majors’ reference to King on X, the platform once called Twitter, triggering a storm of snarky and spiteful responses targeted at the fallen star. Many shared their surprise that he would make such bold comparisons. One expressed their amusement that “He thinks he’s MLK.” Others noted confusion over Majors’ “infatuation” with the iconic figure’s wife.

Another user pointed out the fact that Mrs. King stood by her husband through “indiscretions” with a white female, offering a whole new level of “cringe” to Majors’ words.

Newsweek reports that Majors will be appealing his guilty verdict. If it stands, he will be sentenced in February and could spend up to a year in prison.

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