Jennifer Aniston Was Texting Matthew Perry the Day He Died

( – Matthew Perry’s death shocked a generation of prime-time fans, but it also apparently blindsided some of the people who were closest to him. Jennifer Aniston, one of several co-stars from the 1994-2004 sitcom “Friends,” said she’d texted Perry the day he died, and he’d seemed well.

Aniston sat down with actress Reese Witherspoon for an interview with Variety’s Emily Longeretta. The two stars were there to promote their Apple TV+ series, “The Morning Show,” but the conversation slowly evolved toward Aniston’s thoughts on Perry’s death. Longeretta asked the former “Friends” co-star how she wanted everyone to remember him. The actress insisted that he’d been happy, adding that he had been working on his health by giving up smoking and trying to get fit. She also said the actor hadn’t been struggling, possibly implying that she didn’t believe substance abuse was a factor.

Perry fought alcoholism and painkiller dependence for years. He attended rehab multiple times and spent an estimated $7 million in the process, but the actor claimed to have 18 months of sobriety in October 2022. The news outlet stated that Perry hoped he might be remembered for all the outreach work he did in his later years in his desire to help others get and stay sober as well.

The cause of Perry’s death is still officially under investigation, which means more information could be available once medical examiners finish their work. For example, they need to make sure there wasn’t any problem with the hot tub, such as an electrical shortage, that contributed to his drowning. They’re also waiting for the results of the autopsy and toxicology report, which can take weeks to come back — even longer if something comes up positive and needs confirmation.

Perry was found dead on October 28 after he apparently drowned to death. Sources close to police say investigators didn’t see any evidence of foul play.

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