Israel’s Plan for Post-Hamas Revealed

( – Hamas’ recent attack on Israel devastated the region and forced more war on a nation that insists it just wants peace. At least 2,300 people have already died between both sides, but Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu isn’t prepared to end the fight this time until he’s certain his forces have crushed the Palestinian terrorist group for good.

Unexpected, Deadly Attack

Terror shook Israeli streets on Saturday, October 7, when roughly 1,000 Hamas soldiers unexpectedly broke through the border fence and tore through cities, murdering at least 900 people and taking another 150 hostage. The terror went on for hours according to the Associated Press. The attackers reportedly slaughtered families in their homes and out in the streets, even turning an outdoor music festival into a bloodbath. The attacks left over 2,600 people injured as well.

PBS reports that Netanyahu spoke to his people in a televised address, where he claimed Palestinian terrorists bound and shot youths, burned adults alive, and raped young women before killing them. Hamas also reportedly beheaded some soldiers. Other leaders reported similar atrocities. The Israeli leader promised that for their crimes, every member of the terrorist group would die.

Israel’s Quick Response

Netanyahu immediately rallied military reservists while ordering waves of airstrikes over Gaza and evacuating residents in dangerous communities. He said they would use every resource they had to eliminate their enemy. The Israeli leader’s tone and approach are notably different this time than they’ve been in response to previous conflicts. Whereas in the past, strikes have been precise and minimalist, current orders are reducing entire neighborhoods to rubble.

Israeli soldiers will also likely need to occupy Gaza until they can restore order, but they may still face opposition from Hamas fighters in the days to come. Hamas has ruled the region since 2007 and could have a continued underground presence for some time. Still, Israel has made clear that it doesn’t want to retain control over the Gaza Strip any longer than it needs to.

Fighting for Peace

Netanyahu is also quick to insist, according to Newsweek, that he doesn’t want to eradicate Palestinians. Israeli forces are targeting solely Hamas terrorists, and they would like to avoid as many civilian casualties as they can. They point to a new paradigm in their approach to the terrorists, who appear only to respond to brute force. Officials hope that by crumbling the opposition’s infrastructure, they can deter the Palestinian extremists from striking again.

Hamas claims, in its defense, that it attacked because its people have suffered greatly due to Israeli military occupation and the country’s long-standing trade blockade in Gaza.

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