Israel Deploying Special Weapon To Trap Hamas In Tunnels

( – The war between Israel and Hamas has been raging since October 7, with no end in sight. Complications, such as a network of underground tunnels spanning hundreds of miles long and stretching as deep as 262 feet, have forced military leaders to devise new ways to keep the upper hand. A special weapon, one designed specifically for underground combat, could trap Hamas terrorists hiding in the tunnels.

The underground networks have posed the greatest test for Israeli military forces. The tunnels, dubbed Gaza Metro, are heavily booby-trapped, making them dangerous for troops to search. Hamas uses them to travel covertly across the city, store stockpiles, ambush enemies, and even keep hostages. WION News adds that Hamas leaders are also most likely to be hiding within this underground system.

Attacking troops moving through Gaza are deploying sponge bombs to cut off tunnel access. The special chemical weapons create a quickly expanding foam upon activation, which dries into a hard barrier. Each unit is composed of two compounds held separately by a metal divider. Soldiers must remove the barrier before deploying the canister, allowing the two liquids to mix and cause the chemical reaction.

The effect is reportedly volatile, making it hazardous to handle, and accidents deploying the canisters have resulted in some troops being accidentally blinded. Israel may begin implementing remote-controlled robots to handle and deploy the weapons safely away from friendly forces.

Israel and Hamas have been fighting on and off for over 75 years, and the two groups have a long and complicated history in the region. The territorial disputes revolve mainly around rights to Jerusalem, the placing of borders, Israel’s occupation of Palestinian land, and the handling of its refugees. This latest conflict has led, so far, to the deaths of roughly 1,400 Israelis and over 8,300 Palestinians, including more than 3,400 minors.

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