Iran Ramps Up Terrorism Funding

( – Biden administration officials vehemently deny Iran had anything to do with the recent attack on Israel by the Sunni Islamist group Hamas from Gaza. President Joe Biden conspicuously avoided mentioning the rogue nation during his prepared remarks about the attack, delivered from the White House on October 10.

Yet, the following day, Biden told a group of Jewish community leaders that he had already moved a US Carrier fleet to the Eastern Mediterranean Sea and was sending additional fighter jets to the region. He also said he “made it clear to the Iranians [to] be careful.”

The Iran Issue

Critics warn that the president is between a rock and a hard place regarding Iran, particularly with the 2024 presidential election looming. If he blames Iran for helping Hamas, he must act by reimposing harsh sanctions on Tehran and reining in its oil exports. In turn, gas prices in the US would rise, causing his polling figures to fall.

Tennessee’s Republican Senator Marsha Blackburn doesn’t have those constraints and recently sounded the alarm about Iran’s efforts to finance global terrorism.

Republican Senator Warning: Iran Ramps Up Its Terrorism Funding Efforts

On October 18, Blackburn sat down for an interview to discuss Biden’s failed Middle East policies with Newsmax TV. She told host Eric Bolling that she was “deeply concerned” by what she had observed taking place with Iran. She warned that Tehran had recently “picked up the pace” for funding terrorist activity.

Blackburn said the problem started with former President Barack Obama’s decision to enter into the ill-fated Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), informally known as the Iran Nuclear Agreement, with Tehran in 2015. Former President Donald Trump withdrew from the international pact shortly after entering office, but Biden has done his best to reenter the JCPOA.

Blackburn noted that Obama’s deal put massive amounts of “supercharged money” into Iranian officials’ hands. She also lashed out at Biden’s recent move to allow Iran to access billions in frozen oil revenue assets in exchange for US hostages. “This [influx of money] is what is supercharging their work,” Blackburn explained.

Blackburn also noted that Trump limited Iranian oil production to as little as 100 barrels per day. Alarmingly, that figure has risen to over three million, providing Iran a billion dollars a week in profit.

She rhetorically asked herself how they were using those funds. “Trying to enrich uranium … and on funding terrorism,” she proclaimed. She concluded that portion of the interview by informing viewers that Iran has been giving Hamas “$100 million per year.”

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