Iowa Governor Endorses DeSantis

( – Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds (R), who received an endorsement from former President Donald Trump before winning her seat in 2022, just made headlines by declaring her 2024 presidential support instead for Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R). She believes the leader of the Sunshine State is the only person who can realistically beat President Joe Biden in the upcoming race for the White House.

Reynolds’ leadership has led to her gaining substantial influence over the people in her state. Daily Wire reported that she hadn’t planned to announce her endorsement until after her state’s caucus, but DeSantis’ aggressive campaigning changed her mind. Reynolds also pointed to the Florida governor’s leadership, particularly in the face of a nationwide emergency. She reminded voters that even when Trump, during his administration, was bending to Dr. Anthony Fauci’s will, DeSantis stuck to his guns and did what he thought was right for the people in his state.

Trump slammed Reynolds on Truth Social, calling her the country’s “most unpopular governor.” The Hill reports that he said her “disloyal” decision would end her career as a politician. The former commander-in-chief had last criticized her in July, when she claimed she wanted to stay neutral over the GOP’s pick instead of returning the favor and endorsing him.

DeSantis proudly shared Reynolds’ announcement of support on X, the social media platform formerly called Twitter, on November 6. He praised her leadership, ability to overcome difficult obstacles, and strength to make a meaningful difference. Reynolds also tweeted about the matter, claiming the Florida governor “gets results.” She referenced his pro-life stance while also possibly subtly poking at Trump’s continued fixation over his 2020 election loss, insisting that DeSantis has his sights on “the future” and “can WIN.”

Trump continues to hold a substantial lead over DeSantis in national and Iowa polls. As of November 8, the MAGA leader led with 56.5% of the overall Republican vote, with DeSantis trailing in second at 13.9%.

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