IDF Seizes $1.4M in Terror Funds From Hamas Home

( – On Monday, December 18, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) announced it seized over $1 million during its search of a Hamas home. Officials also recovered stockpiles of ammunition and firing mortars from the property. The investigation reportedly targeted a senior terrorist within the Islamic terrorist group as part of a larger attack aimed at crumbling their enemy’s infrastructure.

Daily Mail reports that the IDF recovered the money — 5 million Israeli new shekels (about $1.4 million) bound with rubber bands in large wads — in at least two suitcases. The unnamed Hamas official’s property was in northern Gaza, in the Jabalia area.

The weapons were located in the residence’s basement, but soldiers also discovered nearby pits used for firing rockets into Israel. The search, which occurred on December 17, was part of an organized strike that extended into the next day. It was one of roughly 150 targets the IDF hoped to neutralize, and Navy and helicopter troops assisted in the larger assault.

Israel officially declared war against Hamas after the terrorist group sent about 3,000 soldiers into Israel in a surprise attack on October 7, turning the celebration of the Jewish holiday Shemini Atzeret into a bloodbath. The Islamic extremists brutally murdered over 1,200 people, about 360 of whom had been at an outdoor music festival, and took another 240 people hostage.

Hamas is reportedly composed of over 40,000 terrorists backed by deep pockets who want nothing more than to see all of Israel reduced to rubble. The group took power over Gaza in 2006 and has exercised authoritarian rule ever since. It has reportedly forced its people to live in poverty so the group can use all available funds to make its leaders wealthy and push its jihadist agenda.

Gaza authorities allege that Israel’s counter-strikes have killed over 18,000 Gaza residents, the bulk of which have reportedly been women and children.

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