IDF Kills Top Hamas Commander

( – The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) announced the death of a top Hamas commander after a recent strike inside a northern Gaza city. The aerial attack targeted a civilian structure that the terrorists were using to take shelter, and Hamas leaders attempted to use bystanders as a “human shield” to protect themselves from the assault. The small victory comes in the wake of thousands of deaths on both sides, many of whom were civilians.

The IDF announced on November 1 that its forces managed to take out Ibrahim Biari, who commanded the Hamas’ Jabaliya Battalion. It named him one of the top leaders in the radicalized Islamic terrorist group and claimed he carried heavy responsibility for the massacre Hamas left in Israel on October 7. He died alongside “dozens” of his murderous peers as he hid in a building situated inside a civilian camp.

The “human shield” element of Hamas’ defense strategy put civilians in harm’s way once again, the IDF noted, pointing to the practice as an example of the terrorists’ lacking morals. It highlights the extremists’ use of civilians in their attempt to protect themselves from Israel’s counterattack. Daily Wire reports that the group forced nearly 100 women and children to stand between them and Israeli forces.

This most recent deadly strike caused structural damage that led to the collapse of underground access tunnels, which Hamas military personnel use as headquarters, sleeping areas, and weapons production and storage. Palestinians claim the attack killed and injured a record number of civilians, but a spokesperson for Israel, Eylon Levy, reminded readers on X, formerly Twitter, that citizens had received warnings to evacuate for weeks before the deadly air raid.

The devastation is all part of Hamas’ strategy, according to the IDF, which insists that the Islamic extremists are using images of the aftermath to generate false evidence of atrocities against its people at the hands of Israeli forces.

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