Hunter Didn’t Notice ‘Big Guy’ With Equity Stake In Business Venture

( – In December 2023, the House voted along party lines to proceed with an impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden. Throughout the process, House Republicans have brought in several people to testify while attempting to build their case against the president. One of those was the US leader’s son, Hunter Biden, who avoided appearing for quite some time. He denied his father did any wrongdoing.

On February 29, the first son appeared for his deposition in front of the House Committee on Oversight and Accountability. During questioning, several legislators tried to get him to reveal who the “big guy” was, referring to emails about someone allegedly getting a cut of Hunter Biden’s foreign business dealings. GOP members believe the person the men were referring to was President Biden after he left the vice presidency. The younger Biden insisted that he didn’t know who the “big guy” was, but it definitely wasn’t his father because the president was never involved in his business — ever.

The communications referenced by House committee members didn’t stem from Hunter Biden himself, but between his business associates — he was allegedly cc’d in one of them mentioning the “big guy.” Mr. Biden said he didn’t remember the email or whether he responded. However, while answering Representative Matt Gaetz (R-FL), the first son said if he did respond to any suggestion that he involved President Joe Biden in his business dealings, he would have said no and told that person they were crazy. During his testimony, he asked what his professional life had to do with an impeachment inquiry.

Democratic lawmakers also asked him about the nicknamed individual. Representative Jamie Raskin (D-MD) asked if Hunter Biden ever called his dad the “big guy.” The witness answered that he did not.

In the end, there was only speculation on the part of GOP legislators tying the president to his son’s business dealings, as Hunter Biden’s testimony produces no solid proof of a connection.

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