Hunter Biden Offers to Testify Publicly Before Congress

( – House Republicans recently stepped up their investigation against Hunter Biden’s business dealings — a key part of their impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden — by issuing him a subpoena. The younger Biden criticized the demand for a closed-door deposition, insisting his testimony could get twisted, but said he would testify before Congress if he could do it publicly.

Newsmax reports that House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer (R-KY) fired back, stating Hunter simply didn’t want to play by the rules. A subpoena is an official written order, so recipients don’t get to make demands or put conditions on their testimony. Refusal to comply puts a person in contempt of court, which can result in fines and imprisonment. Biden received the subpoena, which compels him to appear for a scheduled deposition on December 13, in early November.

House GOP members have been investigating the Biden family in their effort to raise impeachment charges against the current commander-in-chief. The committee is working hard to prove the president is guilty of “high crimes and misdemeanors” because of alleged shady international family business dealings, which may have put US security at risk. The House also issued subpoenas to Joe Biden’s brother, James, as well as family business associate Rob Walker, to answer questions about the business.

Attorney Abbe Lowell, who is defending Hunter Biden, slammed the subpoenas as “another political stunt.” A member of James Biden’s defense echoed Lowell’s sentiment, calling the orders unjustified and insisting that the president was never involved in his brother’s business affairs. They claimed the committee had already reviewed bank records and all other available information.

The investigation is taking place alongside probes into Hunter Biden’s allegedly illegal business activities, which could include potential pending tax charges. He also faces three felonies related to his 2018 firearm purchase while struggling with drug addiction.

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