Hunter Biden Agrees to Private Deposition With GOP

( –  In November 2023, House Oversight Committee Chair James Comer (R-KY) said during an interview that witnesses called to testify in front of Congress regarding a possible impeachment of President Joe Biden could appear for “depositions or committee hearings, whichever they choose.” While Hunter Biden received a subpoena to testify, he was reluctant to do it behind closed doors, concerned the committee would twist his words. Now, it appears he will testify after all.

On January 18, Newsmax reported that the first son agreed to appear before the House Oversight Committee for a private deposition on February 28. His compliance followed a heated hearing to decide whether to recommend charges against the president’s son for failing to comply with the subpoena as written — a private testimony.

The younger Biden appeared in Washington, DC, several times — including during the hearing — to show he was willing to testify. His only stipulation was he do it in front of the American people and out in the open. The explosive meeting to determine the committee’s next move ended without a vote. Afterward, the House Judiciary Committee received a letter from Biden’s attorney, Abbe Lowell. He explained the previous subpoena was invalid because it was issued before the full House authorized a formal impeachment inquiry against President Biden. Hunter Biden chose to comply with the newly issued subpoena for a private deposition. It’s unclear what changed the younger Biden’s mind on the matter or whether he’ll take measures to ensure accuracy in the reporting of his testimony.

After the announcement, Comer told reporters that Hunter Biden was a “key witness” in the investigation against his father. The committee is interested in whether or not President Biden was involved in his son’s business dealings. The US leader previously denied any involvement. While the first son will have the opportunity to “testify publicly sometime after his deposition,” it’s not yet clear if he plans to do so.

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