Hunter Admits to $5.1M Shakedown Text, Claims He Was ‘High or Drunk’

( – Hunter Biden has long claimed that accusations he used his father’s influence to push foreign business interests are “baseless,” but he’s also as much as admitted that he sent at least one potentially damning text. He’s now alleging that he was “high or drunk” when he sent the message and is “embarrassed” about the entire incident.

The New York Post reports that Biden made the statement during the impeachment query against his father, President Joe Biden. He allegedly sent the message in question in 2017 to intimidate an associate affiliated with CEFC China Energy. He claimed to be sitting with his father, who was vice president of the United States at the time, when he demanded a $5.1 transfer into a family bank account.

The message, which he reportedly sent on WhatsApp, went to the wrong recipient.

The younger Biden has tried to claim that the threat of involving the vice president had been an empty one, even going as far as to claim his father wasn’t actually present when he wrote the message. Even more, he’s reportedly alleging that he was under the influence when he sent the text.

House Oversight Chair James Comer (R-KY) said during an appearance on “Rob Schmitt Tonight” that Hunter Biden “played the drug card a lot” during his questioning. Newsmax reports that the president’s son testified under oath for almost seven hours in a closed-door session. Comer wasn’t able to provide any details on the deposition, but he said lawmakers plan on releasing the full transcripts soon.

Comer has been working to prove his suspicion that Hunter Biden used roughly 20 “shell companies” to move money from foreign business associates, which he allegedly manipulated using Joe Biden’s name for its influence and power. Republicans believe the president was in on the action, and they want to see him impeached if they can prove the connection.

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