Harris Says She’s ‘Ready’ To Be President

(RepublicanReport.org) – Vice President Kamala Harris recently admitted she was “ready” to be the next US leader. She spoke just days after a special counsel report on Biden’s classified documents case, which called the commander-in-chief “an elderly man with a poor memory.” The statement came amid growing concerns that President Joe Biden is too old to run the country for another term.

Biden suffered a devastating blow on February 8, according to The Wall Street Journal, when special counsel Robert Hur released his 345-page report on the investigation into the president’s unlawful possession of classified documents. The probe failed to lead to charges against Biden, but it could still potentially destroy his chances of reelection moving forward. Hur’s report includes findings that the president displayed a “faulty memory” when investigators interviewed him in the fall of 2023.

The determination could prove critics right in their insistence that the US leader is too old to be running again. Democrats and moderates still on the fence would be forced to vote between two older men, Biden who is 81, or support the GOP primary winner, which is likely to be former President Donald Trump, who is 77. However, the report could mean a huge boost for front-runner Donald Trump.

Harris responded to the report, calling it “politically motivated,” and insisted the findings against Biden were incorrect. All the same, she appears eager to step in if the president were to get re-elected only to find himself unable to carry out his duties.

Trump’s Republican primary rival, Nikki Haley, has repeatedly claimed that anyone who voted for Biden would ultimately be putting Harris in the president’s seat. She doubled down on the assertion during a recent interview, according to POLITICO. Haley insisted that if she didn’t become the first female president, it would be Harris.

Trump also responded to Hur’s report, agreeing with the findings against Biden but also claiming double standards kept the president from receiving any formal charges.

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