Harris Demands ‘Immediate’ Ceasefire in Gaza

(RepublicanReport.org) – Israel and Hamas have been engaging in an ongoing war in the Middle East since the terrorist group attacked the Jewish state in October 2023. According to NPR, the death toll in Gaza has exceeded an alarming 30,000. Although President Joe Biden has been working on an extended ceasefire, he expected one to happen by March 4. That didn’t happen. The vice president is now speaking out about the issue.

On March 3, Newsweek reported that Vice President Kamala Harris spoke to a group in Alabama the previous day, calling for an “immediate” ceasefire in Gaza. She said while Hamas is a threat that “must be eliminated,” the immense suffering in the Gaza Strip necessitates a six-week ceasefire — “currently on the table.” Harris said that would be enough time to deliver aid to the area and ensure safe hostage releases.

The vice president also said an extended ceasefire would build in more security for Israel while respecting the rights of the Palestinian people who live in Gaza and the West Bank. She stated that since Hamas says it wants a ceasefire, the group should go for the one currently presented. Harris’ words come on the heels of a deadly massacre in Gaza. At least 115 Palestinians were murdered while trying to receive aid shipments. Following the incident, Biden ordered the United States to airdrop aid into Gaza to help with the humanitarian crisis underway. On March 2, the Associated Press reported that three US planes delivered around 38,000 meals into Gaza via air with assistance from the Royal Jordanian Air Force. More are expected.

Harris touched on the delivery and slaughter that preceded it during her speech, stating that “hungry” and “desperate” Palestinian people were simply trying to feed their families when they were “met with gunfire and chaos.” Negotiations are reportedly in the works in Egypt regarding the pending ceasefire deal.

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